Turn your high sensitivity into your superpower


Coachings: live or as videocalls

Does this sound familiar to you:

Crowded places are sometimes overwhelming for you. Too many aromas in the air overstimulate you and may generate headache or dizziness. Shrieking brakes at the railstation hurt you in the ears and generate almost physical pain. And you need a lot of time for regenerating after being with many people. You prefer to relax in nature (forest, mountains, sea), where your senses are free from stimulus: sooting silence, soothing peace...


You might have heard that you are "too sensitive" while you feel deeply hurt by the other person? And she/he is utterly convinced not having said anything bad? Did you hear "to get a thicker skin" (as we often say in German), meaning not to be so easily hurt/offended by one's saying?


Or do you recognize this:

You enter a room and realise within seconds: Here's something wrong. You sense the mood of other persons within a blink of an eye (or simply extraordinary quickly).


Well, if these situations sound familiar to you: Congratulations, you are most probably a highly sensitive person (hsp). Your high sensitivity is a gift - if you know how to handle it. I am also highly sensitive - without knowing this for decades. This unawareness led to many frustrating experiences, which you surely experienced as well. I felt like an alien.


After realising me being highly sensitive, a whole new world opened up to me. And I felt a huge relief. I was not alone. There were others! And I had NOT to change but just needed to learn how to - right in time - disconnect from the stimulus, in order to stay emotionally and mentally sane. I discovered tricks to "survive" exhausting situations. I explored my sensitivity and learned to appreciate the gifts within the high sensitivity.


Now I am happy with my high sensitivity - and I would not want to live without it. It's become my best friend - who is sometimes grumpy, but who I value exceptionally.


Are you ready, to discover your gifts? I am very much looking forward to hearing from you.